The number of printers and ink cartridges being sold to domestic users has increased significantly in recent times, it has been claimed.

According to Computer Reseller News, demand for home products has risen by between ten and 15 per cent in the last few years, despite some analysts predicting the popularity of social media would see a reduction in the number of photos being produced.

Multifunction devices are also becoming more common in homes as consumers look for models that offer increased functionality, the publication noted, while machines that can connect wirelessly to mobile handsets could be a priority for many consumers.

"Our research suggests that 85 per cent of smartphone users want to print easily and iPad users said that they missed the printing function in their device. We see this as a huge opportunity ahead of us," said R Manikandan, director of inkjet and web solutions at HP IPG.

Recently, it was stated by Pocket Lint's Hunter Skipworth that individuals looking to produce high-quality photos should select printer supplies that are optimised for this purpose in order to achieve better results.