People looking for a device to produce sharp images at home may like to consider one model from printer and ink cartridge maker Kodak.

The ESP C310 machine is claimed by the manufacturer to be especially good for this purpose, as it uses the firm's Kodacolor technology to produce lab-quality results that could last a lifetime.

One reviewer to highlight the impressive image output of the ESP C310 was PC Advisor's Robin Morris, who said it has a "balanced and considered colour palette that's neither too pale nor too intense".

Individuals looking for the best results may also like to invest in printer supplies such as specialist photo paper, as the reviewer said when these are used, images "are fizzing with life".

This was an opinion recently stated by Hunter Skipworth of Pocket Lint, who said cheaper paper could lead to ink bleeding across the page.

The machine may also be useful for people who have a home office, as it includes scanning and copying functionality, as well as wireless capabilities that can allow users to send documents directly to the device from their smartphone or notebook PC.