Individuals buying Kodak ink cartridges may find they can get cheap deals on items designed for the ESP 5250 model from the manufacturer.

The device offers wireless connectivity, an SD card slot and a 2.4-inch screen to make it simple to produce images without hooking up to a computer.

It can also work with the firm's Pic Flick mobile app, which is now available to Android users as well as owners of Apple and BlackBerry handsets, the company recently announced.

One reviewer to examine the ESP 5250 is CNet's Niall Magennis, who praised the impressive running costs of the machine, which he described as "very cheap for an inkjet printer".

Mr Magennis also noted the high quality of the all-in-one device's scanner and speed of its copier as positive features that could make the Kodak model a good choice for anyone looking to reduce the amount they spend on printer supplies.