Printer and ink cartridge maker Kodak has been detailing how it hopes to attract high-volume users to its products due to the potential savings they can make.

Speaking to, director and vice-president of consumer inkjets for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Bob Ohlweiler explained how the group's business strategy is geared towards this market.

"Our primary customer is one who prints a lot," he noted, adding that people who produce an average of four pages a day or more – a group that makes up 40 per cent of the home user sector – will expect to recoup the higher premium they pay for the brand's printers within six months.

Mr Ohweiler added Kodak has "always been transparent about our ink value" and stated other manufacturers are starting to come around to the firm's business model, which may be good news for anyone looking to purchase cheap ink cartridges.

The low running costs of Kodak products were recently highlighted by CNet's Niall Magennis, who noted this is a selling point that is common across the manufacturer's range of home printers and multi-function devices.