Individuals looking to use ink cartridges to print documents from their Apple devices may find the process becomes easier in future thanks to new technology the company is developing.

According to AppleInsider, the firm has filed a patent application for a new networking innovation that should make it easier to link up with hardware equipment such as printers.

The publication stated: "The Mac-maker's solution would not only make device discoverability simpler, but could strip away some of the current requirements, such as the need for devices be located on the same Wi-Fi network."

It may also use new wireless technology to form a connection, which could leave existing networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth free for other purposes, as well as taking advantage of a unique user interface to make sending documents to a printer easier.

This week, Kodak announced that owners of its printers will be able to download a new free Android app to allow them to print wirelessly direct from their smartphone.