People looking to buy a new printer and ink cartridges for their home should think about what features they will need when choosing a model.

Senior researcher at consumer group Which? Katie Waller explained there are a range of options on the market aimed at different buyers, with some more suited to office use and others good for producing photos.

"You need to identify what you want out of your printer before you start. It is difficult to predict just by looking at the specifications what is going to be a good printer," she explained.

Considering whether additional features such as wireless connectivity or faxing capabilities will be needed is also something people need to think about, she added, while individuals should be aware of how much replacement ink cartridges will cost them in the long term.

Earlier this week, it was stated by Kodak's director and vice-president of consumer inkjets for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Bob Ohlweiler in an interview with that users who print an average of four sheets or more a day can recoup the extra initial cost of purchasing one of the maker's machines within six months.