People may need a large number of printer supplies if they want to produce a hard copy of one high-resolution image that is trying to break a world record.

The photograph, published at, was taken on June 15th in Georgia Street in Vancouver, Canada, during local ice hockey team the Canucks' Stanley Cup game against the Boston Bruins.

It features thousands of fans watching the series decider on a big screen and is a total of 69,394 pixels wide by 30,420 pixels across.

The image is made up of 216 separate photos stitched together into an 18 x 12 grid and is the centre of a world record attempt.

Canucks fans who were at the location are being encouraged to find themselves in the picture and add a tag identifying them, with the goal being to have more than 10,000 people do this.

It is hoped Guinness will recognise the achievement and award it a new record, overtaking the current highest total of 7,053 tags, for a photo taken of the crowd at last year's Glastonbury festival.