Many individuals may require high-quality ink cartridges if they wish to produce a hard copy of pictures taken at a rare photo opportunity.

This week, many photography enthusiasts have been gathering in New York to get a snap of a sight that is only seen on two days of the year, the BBC reports.

On Wednesday (July 13th), the east-west direction of Manhattan's famous streets lined up perfectly with the setting sun to create a stunning image of the skyscrapers framed by a golden glow.

The effect has been compared to that witnessed at Stonehenge – which has led to the New York phenomenon being dubbed Manhattanhenge.

Photographer Mario Tama told the news provider the event provides residents of the city with a "brilliant moment" as hundreds of camera enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, come together to record the beauty of the occasion, with many dodging traffic in order to get the perfect shot in the short window of opportunity.

Individuals who have captured such a moment and are looking to use ink cartridges to print a copy may like to ensure they utilise a printer designed specially for photo outputs, as Pocket Lint's Hunter Skipworth recently said this is the key to the best results.