Amateur sports photographers looking to use ink cartridges to produce hard copies of their best work may be interested in the views of one successful professional on how to get the best results.

Bill Frakes, who has worked for Sports Illustrated since 1983 and helped judge the sport category at last year's World Press Photo awards, explained to the British Journal of Photography how capturing a key moment is essential.

He said that "emotional motion captured from a unique point of view" is at the heart of a good action shot.

The best images offer viewers a chance to savour a moment in a way that moving footage cannot, Mr Frakes added, while he noted a good knowledge of the sport being covered is essential, as a person has to be able to predict when the key events are going to occur and be ready for them.

Individuals looking for the best hardware for their shots may like to consider equipment from Canon, as this was recently named the best photography brand at the 2011 Which? awards.