More individuals may need ink supplies for wireless-capable printers if their employers begin to offer flexible working.

Matt Oakley, chairman of the British Council for Offices research committee, stated many bosses are thinking about how they can meet the demands of the "iPod generation".

He suggested firms may begin allowing staff members to use portable devices to perform their duties from outside their normal workplace, "whether it be at a desk, from one office or a number of offices, or from cafes or from home, or wherever".

If this is the case, wireless printers could benefit people looking to create hard copies of documents without the need to transfer them to a computer first.

Mr Oakley added he expects there will be a large rise in the number of flexible, multi-location workers who are not tied to their desk five days a week as employers use these benefits as a way of attracting the best staff.

Recently, it was stated by Peter Thomson, director of research at the Telework Association, that younger workers in particular may be keen to work from home as they are more conscious of the environmental effects of commuting.