Keen stargazers who may use ink supplies to produce hard copies of their best shots have submitted their entries for the third annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards.

The competition attracted over 700 entrants, from amateur camera users to professional snappers from around the world.

Images of the night sky were captured at locations ranging from Glastonbury Tor to the Himalayas and Death Valley in the US.

While some entrants chose to focus their lenses on distant objects, such as the Orion Nebula and the Andromeda galaxy, others aimed their cameras closer to home to capture images such as a lunar rainbow taken at California's Yosemite Falls and the re-entry of the Hayabusa spacecraft into the Earth's atmosphere.

Organised by the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, judges for the competition include famous astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, host of long-running TV programme The Sky at Night.

The winning entries will be announced on September 8th and will be on display at the observatory from the following day.