Individuals who use Epson ink cartridges to print their favourite images may be interested to hear of a new competition being supported by the printer maker.

The Epson Underwater Grand Prix will see around 500 professional and amateur photographers from around the world compete to shoot some of the most spectacular sights beneath the waves.

Producer of the contest David Pilosof explained: "The most iconic dive destinations will be in the spotlight during the eight-day competition resulting in a wide panorama of creative pictures."

The goal of the challenge is to highlight the vast marine biodiversity of the Earth and, with participants not allowed to edit or enhance their images, it will prove a testing examination of the talents of the photographers.

It will therefore showcase some of the unique skills required for underwater photography, from specialised equipment to the best use of the light and colour that is available.

The contest is being run by the organisers of the Epson Red Sea competition that takes place each year at Eilat in Israel, which last year offered $80,000 (£49,000) worth of prize money to the winning entrants – including marine and fashion photographers from around the world.