Many parents may be able to benefit from purchasing Kodak ink supplies for their children, as the manufacturer has stated its products can help cut a household printer's running costs.

In a feature for the Guardian, the company explained schoolchildren can find themselves needing to use large amounts of ink cartridges over the course of a year for homework and other education projects and this is a cost that can quickly mount up.

Therefore, it suggested families that invest in one of its printers may be able to benefit in the long-term, as it offers cheaper replacement consumables than many of its rivals.

Kodak highlighted its ESP C310 all-in-one model as being particularly handy, noting it uses high-quality inks that are quick-drying and smudge resistant.

"Plus the built-in Wi-Fi means you can connect your printer to your home network, or even print from your iPhone or iPad with the minimum of effort using the Kodak Pic Flick App," the manufacturer added.

Recently, it was also stated by Zack Throckmorton of Anandtech that printers could be useful to university students, as they may be more convenient than relying on devices in libraries or IT labs.