A monkey who has been caught on camera tickling its own feet is one of the stars of the show at a nature park in Bali.

The long-tailed macaque was snapped by biologist Natalia Paklina having a giggle as he touched his toes in the Sacred Monkey Forest.

Ms Paklina who snapped the shot while visiting on holiday, said that at first glance she thought the monkey was scratching itself.

"Then it looked like he was tickling himself and laughing," she remarked, adding that monkeys on the island "have a lot to be happy and laugh about" as they are considered sacred by the local people due to their association with "divine monkey-warrior" Hanuman.

He is not the only macaque to make the news in recent weeks, as earlier this month one was spotted taking a picture of itself with a visitor's camera at a wildlife park on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

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