People heading to university for the first time this September may discover taking a printer and ink supplies with them could be highly useful.

It was stated by Zach Throckmorton of Anandtech that some students could find long walks to a library or IT lab inconvenient, particularly if they have to work late in order to meet deadlines.

Therefore, he said having a printer available in their accommodation could be a big advantage.

Warren Buckleitner of the New York Times suggested that a good-quality laser device, such as a Brother HL-2240, could be the best option.

He also recommended other essential tech items should include a large external hard drive so students can make back-ups of all their work.

Mr Throckmorton noted opting for an all-in-one printer may also be a good idea, as "they often aren't that much more expensive than dedicated printers and being able to copy and scan at home means fewer trips to the computing centre or library".

Recently, it was claimed by HP that models featuring its ePrint technology could be particularly useful for students, as it will allow them to send documents to print remotely.