Individuals may need some unusual printer supplies in the future if 3D innovations become a common sight in people's homes.

While the technology has been around for several years, its cost has always been a barrier to everyday use, Euronews reports, but one organisation is looking to change this.

The Geneva Engineering School has developed a kit that can be assembled at home and is intended to retail for around €800 (£709).

It includes everything a person needs, including components, a microprocessor and screws and can be built into a professional-level printer in a few days.

Daniel Sermondadaz from the Post Tenebras Laboratory stated it could be used to make replacement items for the home, such as plastic parts or containers.

However, he noted that at this stage, creating a working printer is "not easy" and will require a "basic understanding" of the technology, which uses liquid resins to build up objects layer by layer.

Earlier this year, 3D printers have been shown working with a variety of materials, with a team at the University of Exeter developing a device that can create personalised shapes out of chocolate.