Parents may find that investing in ink supplies is beneficial to their child's education as more schools adopt new technologies for use in the classroom.

According to the Daily Telegraph, an increasing number of institutions are looking to use tablet computers in lessons to help engage students with their subjects.

One of these establishments, Longford Academy in Kent, explained that "young people enjoy learning through technology", which is why it is equipping its pupils with the gadgets.

In return for a donation from parents, students will receive an iPad 2, along with a protective case and a range of educational apps.

The school stated it has opted for the Apple device due to its long battery life and high performance, which makes it preferable to traditional PCs.

Parents who find an iPad is a useful learning aid may therefore like to equip it with an app that will allow documents and web pages to be printed directly from the device.

Many printer manufacturers offer software for iOS that is compatible with their products, including Canon, Kodak and Brother.