Many people in the UK may require ink supplies if they wish to print off documents directly from an Apple iPad tablet.

According to research from Gartner, the model is likely to maintain its dominant position in the market as it offers a "superior" user experience compared with its rivals.

Carolina Milanesi, research vice-president at the firm, stated the hardware, software and service Apple's device provides have made it a far more attractive product than those running the Android operating system.

"Unless competitors can respond with a similar approach, challenges to Apple's position will be minimal," she continued, noting that high prices and limited applications have been barriers to the growth of Android so far.

Therefore, it was predicted by Gartner that iPads will account for almost three-quarters (73.8 per cent) of all tablet devices sold in 2011, while no single Android-based device will control more than five per cent of sales.

People looking to print documents directly from iPads may find they have more choice than in the past, as both Epson and Canon have recently announced that new models from their brands will be compatible with Apple's AirPrint mobile service.