Inkjet printer cartridges users may be tempted to purchase the DCP-J925DW from Brother after the device was praised for being a "rapid" printer of text documents.

But according to a report on the machine from Expert Review, colour printing with the DCP-J925DW multifunction printer is also satisfyingly quick.

It said: "Photo prints weren't especially rapid, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the results, prompting us to compare them against samples from previous Brother inkjets we've reviewed."

The article claimed the DCP-J925DW represents a step forward from similar machines from the manufacturer released in the past.

High-quality photocopies are another of the top features the device can boast, perhaps persuading those seeking inkjet toner cartridges and a new device to opt for the DCP-J925DW.

In its three-star review of the multifunction printer, Tech Radar noted it is an improvement on the previous machines release by Brother, due to its updated features.