Individuals looking for ink supplies may be interested in a new concept that could be a glimpse into the future of printing.

Design firm Artefact has come up a touchscreen device that it claims will "bring the printer to the 21st century" by eliminating unnecessary features and prioritising ease of use.

Known as the SWYP, standing for See What You Print, the machine can connect directly to a camera and allows images to be selected, edited and printed without the need for a PC.

Elements such as margin sizes and scaling can be adjusted with swipe of a finger, while a screen that is calibrated directly to the printer means the colour output will always be predictable.

Although the SWYP model is a concept rather than a working prototype and the company has no plans to bring it to market, CNet noted it could act as a stimulus to encourage printer manufacturers to place a greater focus on radical innovation, rather than incremental improvements that will not excite consumers