Parents may need printer supplies to allow their children to produce hard copies of photos, as cameras are among the most desired gifts this Christmas.

A study by Shopzilla revealed hi-tech gadgets will be a top priority this year, with a digital camera being the second most requested item by girls aged between six and 12 and fourth on the list for boys.

The most wanted present for youngsters of both genders was a laptop or tablet PC, the research found.

Shopzilla noted the presence of devices such as cameras and smartphones suggested kids want to be just like their parents by owning "grown-up" items.

Sales and marketing director at the firm Neil McCarthy said: "The sheer newness of a must-have item is what attracts many of these young shoppers. It's not just about getting the right item, it often has to be a certain colour and a particular model."

This week, Unicef warned that many UK families may be falling into a "materialistic trap" by shelling out large amounts of money on branded goods such as gadgets for their kids as a substitute for spending quality time with them.