People looking to use ink supplies to print their best photographs may find they can achieve better results if they use photo paper that is especially suited to the image.

Andrew Ku of Tom's Hardware noted there are three main categories for these sheets – matte, gloss and resin-coated.

He observed that matte is quick-drying and compatible with a wide range of printers as the ink is absorbed directly into the pulp.

People should consider the purpose of their printouts, according to ink cartridge maker HP, which observed matte pages may be better for photos that will be framed, as it reduces glare that can sometimes reflect off glass.

The manufacturer added that glossy paper, which "produces deep, vibrant colours", may be better suited to images that are to go into photo albums, scrapbooks and greeting cards that will not be exposed to bright light.

Mr Ku noted the third option, resin, can provide the best results, offering sharper detail and "near-perfect saturation", adding that although is it therefore more expensive to purchase, prints will be waterproof and more fade-resistant.

Good paper choice may be important to many people, as a recent survey by PC Advisor found 88 per cent of consumers use their printer for producing photos.