People looking for ink supplies who may be wondering what the coming years hold for technologies such as home computing and printing may be interested in a vision of the future offered by HP.

As part of an agreement with Hollywood studio Dreamworks to support upcoming science fiction film Real Steel, the firm has come up with a number of futuristic products that are to be used in the movie.

These include the Volume Jet 3D printer, which the company stated was "conceptualised as a future iteration of the HP DesignJet 3D … designed to print tangible objects".

Other prototype technologies that were created for the film include the Flex laptop, which is based on the Envy consumer product and is adapted to become a clam-shell controller for the robots seen in the movie, as well as the Curve desktop, which combines horizontal and vertical touchscreen displays to provide users with a "seamless immersive workspace".

Real Steel stars Hugh Jackman as a boxing promoter in a near-future world where the fighting is done by huge humanoid robots and is released in the UK on October 14th.