CashLet’s be honest, if our printer could really churn out money at the press of a button, we’d be buying printer ink cartridges by the dozens, and at Cartridge Monkey’s low prices, we’d save even more of our manufactured money to spend on ourselves.

But the reality is, no matter how hi-tech our printers have become, no matter how crystal clear the images it produces, printing our own cash is beyond our wildest dreams. Or should that be beyond our daftest daydreams?

For one bright spark in Olympia, Washington, USA, he turned his daydreams into reality. Unfortunately, he’s now doing his dreaming from the discomfort of a prison mattress.

The Olympian has recently reported that Joel St. John, a 27 year old man from Washington has been arrested on suspicion of forgery and trying to use counterfeit $100 notes. Police have so far recovered 20 of the phoney $100 notes. St. John himself has allegedly confessed to printing around 125 fake bank notes. He was caught after a police investigation commenced due to a number of fake notes being discovered in local food shops.

Legal currency is printed using specialised and sophisticated security techniques. Firstly, they use protected engraved plates on a dedicated printing press. The printing presses are covered in an ink which has certain metallic flakes in it, to ensure that the printer ink cannot be easily replicated elsewhere. Finally it is not printed on normal paper like the paper that you can buy from Cartridge Monkey.

It is printed on a specialised paper which has certain weave patterns and coloured threads in it, again as an added security measure. Finally, security seals and serial numbers are printed in ink on the notes for further protection.

Lexmark GenesisMr St. John’s method for manufacturing and printing the funny money was far less complex to say the very least. Firstly, he “washed” all the ink off a $5 note using ordinary car degreaser. He then printed the image of a $100 bill onto the paper using a high spec inkjet printer, possibly something like the Lexmark Genesis S815 A4 Inkjet Printer .

After his arrest and appearance before the court, he was detained in Thurston County Jail. His bail was set at $50,000. There was no mention of whether Mr St. John said that he could raise the bail quickly if somebody could lend him 500 $5 bills, a bottle of Swarfega and a good inkjet printer. He may have wished that he’d spent some of his ill gotten gains on a few extra bars of soap in the supermarket, just in case he drops any in the shower in the near future.

So learn from the mistake of others and don’t run the risk of printing your way into a prison cell. For all your inkjet cartridges at prices so low it’s like a licence for you to print your own money in the form of huge savings, visit Cartridge Monkey today!

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