A monkey in the US has taken a pair of two-week-old kittens under her wing as their adoptive mother.

Macaque Jaeda, who belongs to Illinois pet shop owner Connie Tibbs, bonded with her new furry friends shortly after they arrived at the location, with their owner saying her maternal instinct took over as she grabbed the animals and took them into her cage.

Ms Tibbs explained how she was "surprised" at the way in which Jaeda took to the kittens and quickly became attached to the pair.

"They don't cry when she handles them, they seem calm and relaxed and she's very gentle with them like she's trying to nurture them. Everyone thinks it's adorable," she added.

Jaeda is one of five macaque monkeys owned by the Tibbs family, though she is the only one to have taken an interest in their new feline friends.

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