chocolate 3d printer3D Printer stories are coming as thick and fast as a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake. So it’s no surprise that the latest printer innovation is a 3D chocolate printer!

Hot on the heels of the 3D Food Printer which we told you about here  BBC News Technology have reported that University of Essex scientists are in the latter stages of developing a 3D chocolate printer. It is similar to an inkjet printer, but instead of using inkjet cartridges, what do you think it uses? Yes, you’ve guessed it, it uses liquid chocolate as it’s ink.

The lead scientist developing the 3D chocolate printer is Dr. Liang Hao, and he Revels in describing the new printer. He explained that the printer works by using the chocolate ink to create one layer of the 3D object at a time. Once the layer solidifies, the next chocolate ink layer is added, and so on until the 3D chocolate printer has a completed confectionary creation.

It seems he and his team won’t be taking a Time Out even when they’ve successfully developed their 3D chocolate printer. Dr. Hao thinks things can go much further, and has plans to develop a social network site exclusively for chocoholics and lovers of chocolate printers. The Mars the merrier or so it would seem.

There may well be Snickers from other scientists at Dr. Hao’s team developing their 3D chocolate printer, but the last laugh may well be on them. There’s a Wispa that retailers are already interested in selling the printer once the prototype is completed. Restaurants and other food establishments are interested in the printer, while online gift retailers are also attracted to it. Joanna Grant from thinks it will be a real big hit with their customers who will want to use the printer to create a whole Galaxy of unique gifts.

All we can say is that at Cartridge Monkey we’ve got the Munchies just thinking about 3D chocolate printers, and we’ve no doubt that they will give a real Boost to our customers when they become obtainable. Until 3D chocolate printers and chocolate ink cartridges become commercially available though, we’ll keep on supplying you with the best printers, ink cartridges and toner cartridges at prices that Breakaway from our competitors. We’re the Blue Riband of ink and toner suppliers in the UK.

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