Parents looking to buy ink supplies for their home computer may be interested in a new device that aims to encourage kids' creativity.

The Origo is a 3D printer designed to be used by ten-year-olds and promises to allow youngsters to create any item they can imagine, while being as simple and intuitive to use as a family games console.

According to the deisgners, the device will "quietly build your ideas, drawings and dreams" and is far more suited to a home environment than existing machines, which are usually intended for industrial usage.

TechCrunch stated that while the Origo is currently still in the concept stage, the makers of the machine are hoping to bring it to market in the near future.

It observed the design has very few moving parts and uses a thin stream of plastic to produce 3D objects.

Improvements in 3D printing technology has led to many new uses for the innovation being developed in recent months, from machines that create unique shapes out of chocolate to those that produce artificial blood vessels for use in organ transplants.