People looking to buy ink cartridges in order to print out their best photos may be interested in a new camera design from Nikon.

The firm has introduced devices that are lighter and more compact than previous models as they lack an optical viewfinder, due to not containing a mirror.

While such devices have proved popular in Japan and account for 31 per cent of all interchangeable lens products sold in the country, Reuters noted, they have yet to take off in Europe or North America, something Nikon is hoping to change with its new products, the 1 J1 and 1 V1.

Yasuyuki Okamoto, head of the company's imaging division, was quoted by the news source as saying: "A new market is developing among people who feel a compact camera is not quite good enough."

The cameras are intended to appeal to amateur photographers by packing many of the features usually found in large DSLR devices, such as high picture quality and changeable lenses, into a smaller body.

Earlier this year, Reuters reported that ink supplies maker Canon is also looking to produce mirrorless cameras, as the firm sees it as a sector with potential for large growth.