Go to JailRecently, we brought the story of Marque Gumbs from Manhattan in New York who was jailed for stealing and selling $4 million dollars worth of ink cartridges and toners from his employer. Well it seems that Mr Gumbs may soon be getting a new cell mate.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, an unnamed 35 year old man from Sydney Australia has been charged with stealing over 23,000 printer toner cartridges from his employer. His alleged haul was worth over $2.4 million Australian dollars (around £1.6 million) which was reported to have taken place between 2005 until as recently as September 2011.

The man worked at a printer and photocopying firm in Homebush Bay in western Sydney. He was arrested on suspicion of stealing the toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges from his employer, and was charged with larceny as a clerk or servant.

Police believe he went on to sell most of the ink and toner cartridges. This year alone, he was alleged to have stolen some 5,000 toner cartridges. His apartment in Erkineville was raided, and amongst other things, police discovered 313 of the allegedly stolen printer toner cartridges. Presumably, the police also took his prints!

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The man will appear in court on 6th October. So far, he has shown no sign of a toner ing for his crimes.

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