A rare baby monkey has entered the world at London Zoo and his appearance may be a surprise to visitors to the attraction.

This is because the newborn Francois Langurs primate is covered in bright orange fur, unlike the thick black coat of his parents.

Although the family resemblance is not immediately obvious, this is perfectly normal for the species, which originates from China and Vietnam and is listed as critically endangered, with less than 2,000 thought to be left in the wild.

Experts say the bright hue has evolved to make the baby easier to spot and will gradually darken to become more like its mum and dad as it ages.

The monkey, whose gender has not yet been identified, has been christened Tango by staff at the zoo in reference to his vivid hair.

"Baby Tango is currently rocking the redhead look, but it won't actually be ginger for very long," said zookeeper Kathryn Sanders, adding the fur should be completely black in around six months.

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