Individuals with wireless printers looking to use ink cartridges to print directly from a mobile device may be interested in two new tablets from Sony.

The gadgets – the Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P – use the Android operating system and are aiming to become the centre of a person's home entertainment set-up.

Both tablets offer wireless connectivity to a range of other products – such as TVs and Hi-Fis – to share music and videos, while they can also be used as a remote control for Sony devices such as its Bravia range.

They also include front and rear cameras to capture videos and images, which users may then like to make hard copies of through an app that could allow them to send images directly to a printer.

While the S comes with an asymmetric design intended to make it easier to hold, the P offers dual touch screens that can be used to operate multiple functions at once.

The new tablets could be important for helping expand Android's tablet ecosystem, as it was recently stated by Will Findlater, editor of Stuff magazine, that Apple's iPad still has the advantage in the range of apps available.