3D Printed carOver the last few days, we’ve been looking at the new world of 3D printers. We’ve seen how by using specialist cartridges rather than normal inkjet cartridges, 3D printers have become capable of manufacturing the most intricate devices. Need a new hearing aid? 3D printers can help. Want a unique chocolate gift for your loved one? Look no further than a 3D printer.

3D printed Car??

Now, BBC’s TopGear have reported that the world’s first 3D printed car has been assembled, using parts that were printed out on a high-tech 3D printer. It’s not inkjet cartridges  that the printer uses, but special cartridges that produce a unique plastic polymer material. It uses this 3D printing process to print out all the composite exterior panels on the car.

The car is known as The Urbee and is the brainchild of Jim Kor. He recently unveiled his latest design concept at the TEDxWinnipeg Technology Conference. The panels for the car are currently being printed out by the Minneapolis 3D printer design company Stratasys. At the moment, the printer is unable to make the stainless chassis. However, Jim hopes that as 3D printing technology advances, they will be able to print out even more of the car’s components in the future.

We all like to help the planet, and that’s why Cartridge Monkey sell compatible toner cartridges, like the Lexmark C540A1KG Black Return Program Toner Cartridge 1k. So it is pleasing that the applications for a greener Earth are also an added benefit of the new car producing printer. For one thing, producers estimate that the Urbee will do an astonishing 200 miles per gallon because of the use of a small ethanol engine combined with an electric motor, with solar panels also being an option.

Also, because 3D printers can be used anywhere in the world, manufacturers around the globe will simply have to download a computer design file. This will help lower not only shipping costs, but will also significantly decrease greenhouse gas emissions caused by transporting the cars across the four corners of the Earth. An added boon for consumers is that lower transport costs will result in lower car prices. Depending on how many orders the manufacturers get for the 3D printer car concept, prices could be as high as around £30,000 but may also be as low as £6,500. As Hot Chocolate said “Everyone’s A Winner Baby!”

If only this technology had been revealed a little earlier. Our 3D printer bank robbers that we told you about a few weeks ago might have been able to print themselves out a getaway car!

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Source: TopGear

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