People using ink cartridges to produce copies of their favourite photos may be able to benefit from a new update for Apple's iOS that should offer them improved functionality.

The iOS 5 operating system, which is being rolled out to all owners of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, includes several features aimed at making photography easier, Macworld reports.

This includes a modification that uses a device's volume up button as a physical shutter release, which should make taking photos feel more natural and reduce camera shake compared with previous versions, where a user has to tap the screen.

Apple's camera app has also received several upgrades to improve the way the lens focuses and zooms, while an optional grid overlay can assist amateur snappers by dividing the view into thirds for better framing.

It also improves access to the services, allowing individuals to take snaps when the phone is locked and adding shortcuts to make accessing the app quicker.

While the improvements will be available on all Apple products, users investing in the new iPhone 4S may be especially able to benefit, as this device has an all-new eight-megapixel camera to allow owners to take higher quality shots.