Many people may look for Canon ink supplies to print off photos taken with one of the brand's EOS range of digital SLRs, as the manufacturer has announced it has produced 50 million of the devices.

The EOS series – which stands for Electro Optical System and is also the name of the Greek goddess of the dawn – has been made since 1987 and has seen several of Canon's technological innovations added to it over the years.

Chief of consumer imaging at Canon Europe Rainer Fuehres said the latest milestone is proof of the "unprecedented popularity" of the system.

He added: "We've always been focused on providing leading levels of performance for our customers and the consistently high demand for EOS cameras offers a powerful testament to the quality our products offer to photographers of all levels."

At the same time, Canon also announced it expects to manufacturer its 70 millionth EF lens by the end of this month.

It has also unveiled the latest model in the EOS line, the 1D-X, which features an 18.1 megapixel sensor and an improved autofocus system.