Many people may use ink cartridges to print out their favourite photos, as sales of digital SLRs and compact cameras have shown strong growth.

This is according to GfK Retail and Technology, which observed that despite the market as a whole declining by eight per cent last month, "the SLR segment is proving to be very strong, with extensive sustained growth".

Sales of these devices were up by six per cent during September compared with the same period in 2010 and have increased by nine per cent over the year as a whole.

Meanwhile, the introduction of new technologies such as mirrorless cameras has helped boost the performance of compact devices, the group noted.

Although shipments were down by one per cent in September, they remain 36 per cent higher than in 2010 for the year as a whole.

One manufacturer to enter the mirrorless device market recently was Nikon, which introduced its 1 J1 and 1V1 models last month.

The gadgets are claimed by the maker to include many features normally found on bulky SLRs but in a smaller package.