magicianWe would never have believed that criminals could think of so many ingenious but dishonest ways to make money from their printers and ink cartridges. We’ve already heard about Joel St. John who quite literally printed out his own money. Now we’ve had news of two men who allegedly tried to make ink and toner cartridges disappear like Houdini.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution have reported that for the past two years, Christian Dunca and Vladut Larion have purportedly been involved in a deception to steal Epson ink and toner cartridges from Target and Best Buy stores throughout Georgia USA. The scam of stealing the ink cartridges has netted them a massive $1 million.

The swindle worked by the pair buying Epson ink cartridges from branches of the two stores. They would then remove the ink cartridges from the box, sell them on eBay, and replace the cartridge boxes with either empty ones or with lower priced own brand ink cartridges. Once done, they would return the cartridges to stores throughout Georgia for a full refund.

Corporal Jake Smith from the Gwinnett Police Department said that when the police searched homes in Atlanta and Lawrenceville, they found a large haul of over 3,000 suspected stolen ink cartridges, empty boxes and package sealing materials which were used to reseal the Epson boxes, before returning them to stores in Florida and New York for a refund. This allegedly netted them a total of at $1 million.

Both men have been charged with theft by deception. Dunca was arrested outside a Best Buy store in New York and has been detained while awaiting trial for his part in stealing the ink cartridges. Larion however has still not surrendered to the police. The police it seems can’t find him. Have you tried any of the empty boxes yet Columbo?

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Source: AJC