Investing in printers and ink cartridges for use in their accommodation could be a good way for university students to produce documents.

The Lantern noted that having access to a personal printer could offer greater convenience to individuals, particularly if they expect to be printing on a regular basis, or have large volumes.

The publication quoted Frank Saraniti, a student at Ohio State University in the US, as stating public printers in libraries can sometimes have large queues that could be an annoyance, while they can also be expensive to use frequently.

Postgraduate scholar Margaret Chinn added she found using her own laser device is a better choice than relying on other options, noting that being able to print off documents at home is highly useful.

Earlier this year, it was also stated by Zack Throckmorton of Anandtech that a home printer could be beneficial to people who face long journeys to libraries or IT labs, or who have to work late to meet deadlines.