People looking for a home all-in-one machine with high print quality and low running costs may like to consider the Photosmart 5510 from ink cartridges maker HP.

According to the manufacturer, the device – which allows users to scan and copy documents as well as print – makes it simple to produce content direct from the web due to its easy to use touchscreen and selection of dedicated apps.

This feature was praised by Niall Magennis of CNet UK, who said the 2.4 inch display looks great and makes the machine straightforward to set up.

HP also promises users will be able to produce lab-quality photos at home and take advantage of the firm's ePrint technology to print items remotely from a smartphone.

Mr Magennis described the output quality of the Photosmart 5510 as excellent, observing images have "vibrant colours and impressive rendering of shadows and darker details", while he noted the fast print speeds are on a par with the quickest inkjets on the market.

Recently, HP announced it will be trialling a magazine subscription service in partnership with publisher Conde Nast that will deliver premium content directly to an internet-connected printer.