Individuals looking to use ink cartridges to print directly from a portable device may find they have several options available to them.

Niall Magnennis of CNet UK noted that, while some of the methods may at first appear to be quite technical, they are in fact usually fairly easy to set up and use.

One of the most convenient ways of printing is via a Wi-Fi connection, which makes it easy to share a printer across a home network and is supported by a wide range of devices, including some budget models.

Other options some machines may be capable of using include printing from a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection or specialist printing apps, which are available from most major printer manufacturers.

Users of Apple products may also be able to take advantage of the AirPrint feature from the firm.

Until recently, this was only compatible with certain HP machines, but companies such as Canon, Brother and Epson have made some of their models capable of using the app.

With these technologies – and others such as Google Cloud Print – becoming more common, it could be easier then ever to produce documents while on the move.