A large number of home users in the UK may be in need of ink supplies for wireless printers, as the technology is said to be growing in popularity.

According to a survey conducted by PC Advisor, 70 per cent of the site's readers say they have used a Wi-Fi connection to hook up devices other than PCs and laptops to an abode's network.

Of those surveyed, 50 per cent said they use a lot of their gadgets in this manner, while 30 per cent have done so in the past.

The publication noted the popularity of wireless is unsurprising, as it has many uses around a home.

"With a connected PC and the right printer, it's now possible to print from anywhere in the house using a straightforward Wi-Fi connection, or anywhere in the world with a mobile device and wireless connectivity," PC Advisor continued.

Recently, it was stated by Niall Magennis of CNet that home users now have many options available for printing from mobile devices, such as smartphone apps and cloud printing services.