People looking for a new printer and ink cartridges may be more attracted to devices that offer wireless connectivity and mobile printing.

According to's Nathan Emberton, many PC users are also purchasing portable devices such as tablets and smartphones at the moment and a printer that can take advantage of this may be highly useful.

He explained that often, the only thing a person will need to get started with a Wi-Fi enabled printer will be a mobile app.

"There are also new print technologies such as Apple AirPrint for printing from Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone and even the iPod in new printers," Mr Emberton continued.

Several models from HP, Canon and Epson are compatible with this service.

The expert added that individuals hoping to print photos directly from a digital camera without having to connect to a PC should look out for products that are PictBridge compatible, which should mean all a person will need is a USB cable to connect the two devices.