More people may need ink supplies for mobile gadgets if they wish to print off photos or information from the internet through their mobile devices.

According to a new report by comScore, nearly five per cent of all internet traffic in the leading European markets in August of this year came from smartphones and tablet PCs.

"With more options available for consuming digital media on the go than ever before, many users now access online content from multiple platforms throughout the day," vice-president for mobile in Europe at the firm Jeremy Copp said.

The research revealed that 60 per cent of non-PC internet traffic originated from devices running Apple's iOS operating system, with 43 per cent of this coming from iPads, despite these accounting for less than a quarter of iOS-equipped gadgets.

Those looking to print web pages or photos from their mobile device may find there are several options available, including mobile printing apps offering by several major printer vendors, while iOS users with certain HP, Canon or Epson devices can use the firm's AirPrint service.