Keen photographers looking for ink supplies to print their pictures may be interested in a device that promises to offer a new way of snapping images.

The Lytro is the first light field gadget to be released on to the consumer market and can capture a much wider range of rays than conventional models.

This allows users to do more with their pictures, such as refocus the image after it has been taken, which also means there are no shutter delays as it removes the need for autofocus.

It can also perform well in low-light environments without a flash, as its advanced sensors capture the colour, intensity and direction of every light ray in a scene.

Chief executive and founder of Lytro Dr Ren Hg explained the gadget offers technology that was previously only available using immensely powerful computers and multiple cameras.

"Today it's accessible to everyone in a camera that's small and powerful, but incredibly easy to use," he said, adding: "Our goal is to forever change the way people take and experience pictures."

Another innovation that could improve consumer photography was recently unveiled by Adobe, which showcased technology that can de-blur photos by compensating for camera shake.