More people may use ink supplies to print documents directly from tablet devices in the future, if the prediction of one expert is accurate.

Chief scientist and technologist at JP Rangaswami told the Guardian's Tech Weekly podcast the growing popularity of the technology will see it replace traditional computers.

He said that while they may be viewed primarily as companion devices by many individuals at the moment, recent innovations have dramatically altered the activities they can be used for, making them a viable replacement for a desktop or laptop PC.

The next generation of workers will be able to perform tasks they have never been able to do before thanks to light, wireless mobile devices, the expert stated

"There are things happening now because of what the iPad has done which is changing how we engage with technology," Mr Rangaswami explained.

Recently, research from Gartner predicted Apple's iPad will continue to dominant the tablet market, as it offers a far greater range of services compared with Android-based alternatives.