Individuals looking to purchase a new printer and ink supplies for their home may find an All-in-One inkjet machine from Kodak can offer them a high level of versatility, while remaining user friendly.

In a paid feature published on PC Advisor, the company noted its range of inkjets can offer easy connectivity to a range of household gadgets and storage devices, such as cameras or USB sticks, while packing a range of features into a single device.

"All-in-Ones provide the perfect compromise between modern inkjets that can deliver all of your full-colour digital printing needs and also the traditional home office style laser printer," the company noted.

It is also easy to replace ink cartridges, which the affordable consumables could mean the models are ideal for home-volume users, Kodak continued.

Recently, the Hero 9.1 All-in-One printer from Kodak was praised by reviewer Niall Magennis of CNet UK, who said it produces good-quality photos and is cheap to run.