Amateur photographers looking to produce copies of their best snaps at home may find the Pixma MG5350 from printer supplies maker Canon is useful to them.

The device is noted by the manufacturer to be ideal for making detailed images, as it comes with five individual ink cartridges and a printing resolution of up to 9,600 dots per inch.

It also offers a 7.5 inch colour display for easily navigating an SD card or USB stick without the need for a PC.

Examining the Pixma MG5350 for CNet UK, reviewer Niall Magennis observed the machine comes with a stylish design and is easy to set up and connect to a network via USB port or Wi-Fi capabilities.

He added that when tested, it "did an excellent job with photo printing, producing fantastic-looking snaps," observing "colours were warm and natural looking while detailing was crisp and refined".

Recently, a higher-end model in the Pixma range, the MG8250, was also praised by Mr Magennis for its photo capabilities, as well as the range of advanced features it offers.