Individuals looking to buy ink supplies may be interested in what one expert has had to say about the future of innovation in the sector.'s Nathan Emberton explained there are "dozens" of new technologies on the horizon that are likely to be incorporated into the next generation of machines, as well as several concepts that will be made available to consumers for the first time.

One of these that is likely to see large growth over the next few years is 3D printers capable of producing solid objects.

Mr Emberton noted this technology has improved immensely in recent times, leading to printers that can make large items such as aircraft.

He added new devices that use technology similar to that found in the original Polaroid cameras could become common, such as the Dell Wasabi Ultramobile device, which heating up special paper to produce an image without ink.

One new printer designed unveiled recently was the SWYP design, which stands for See What You Print.

The developers of the prototype hope it will spur on manufacturers to come up with more intuitive products.