monkey into spaceCartridgeMonkey have become a legend in the monkey world.

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So it’s nice to read about one of our monkey friends also trying to become a hero in the monkey world. The Associated Foreign Press (AFP) have recently reported a story about Iran’s attempts to send a monkey into space aboard one of it’s newly developed Kavoshgar-5 space rockets. The project was unveiled in February by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rocket was launched sometime in the last month.

Return Of The Space Monkey

The test was the latest in a series which Iran hopes will enable them to send a man into space by 2020. Five monkeys were trained for the exercise, but only one was selected to be aboard the space flight. The aim of the experiment was to launch a capsule with life support for a monkey, using the newly created Kavoshgar-5 rocket. It was designed to blast off 75 miles from the Earth’s surface, complete a 20-minute orbit of the planet and then return the monkey safely back to Earth.

Failure To Lunch

Unfortunately for our intrepid monkey, the space tests had to be abandoned, so there won’t be any Iranian chimps’ tea party on the moon just yet. Deputy Science Minister Mohammad Mehdinejad-Nouri said that the launch did not succeed in achieving it’s objectives. However, after successfully sending rats, turtles and worms into space, the Iranian government are confident that they will soon succeed in sending our monkey cousin to the stars. The head of Iran’s Space Organisation, Hamid Fazeli, said that he hoped they would soon be able to announce the next planned attempt at sending a monkey into space.

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