Individuals who use Kodak ink cartridges to print photos they have shared through the company's online gallery service may be interested to hear the firm is looking to sell the website.

This is according to the Wall Street Journal, which reports sources close to the business as saying Kodak is talking to competitors and private equity firms in order to find a buyer for the domain, which allows people to print out items such as cards and calendars, as well as share images.

Kodak has been struggling financially in recent months and it has been suggested the firm may look to sell off its library of patents in order to raise cash.

The Journal noted the company is looking to fund a refocusing of strategy away from its traditional camera business, which is performing poorly, into printer and ink cartridges manufacturing, where it has seen stronger results.

However, it is said to be seeing "hundreds of millions of dollars" for the Kodak Gallery site, but potential buyers are wary as it has been losing users in recent years.