A visitor to a zoo in Brazil got more than he bargained for after climbing into a monkey enclosure in order to play with the creatures.

Joao Leite Dos Santos was captured on video by an amateur cameraman at the attraction in Sao Paulo entering the enclosure shirtless and wading across the dividing pool that separated the colony of spider monkeys from tourists.

Believing the primates to be in a playful mood and inviting him to join them, he then reached out an arm to grab hold of one of them.

However, the creatures are highly territorial and, threatened by Mr Dos Santos' presence, the animals responded by biting him on the wrist, elbow and shoulder, leaving the intruder to be pulled to safety by zoo officials.

Mr Santos, who was treated in hospital for the bites, admitted in interviews with local TV stations he was drunk during the incident.

It is unknown whether he will face criminal charges for his trespass.

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